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Coast of Antartica to the South pole

2014-01-24 - cycling

Looks like Daniel Burton, the bike shop owner from Saratoga Springs, Utah, has become the first person to cycle from the coast of Antartica to the South pole on 2 wheels the whole way. Maria Leijerstam of Wales beat Daniel and Juan Menendez Granados of Spain using a 3 wheeled fatbike - http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/450608/British-women-sets-new-world-record-for-cycling-to-the-South-Pole http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/antarctica-2013-south-pole-cyclist.html

Planning for a 2014 Tour Divide Ride

2014-01-10 - cycling

Let's do it, guyth. Travis Poppe, Ben Nickell, Jeff Selfa, Dan Lloyd ;-p http://www.adventurecycling.org/resources/blog/planning-for-a-2014-tour-divide-ride/

Testing Jeff's Salsa Mukluk

2013-12-14 - cycling

Travis - Went for a snowy trail ride with Jeff Selfa and Korey Pelton on Jeff's Salsa Mukluk, a "fat bike" with 4 inch tires at 8psi. Unprecedented traction and stability. Thanks Jeff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0f-plwopaw

-12 F is too painful for my tastes

2013-01-02 - cycling

Note to self: check temperature before cycling to work. ;-p Yeah, -12 F is too painful for my tastes.

5th anniversary of being a bicycle nut

2012-06-18 - cycling

I recently passed my 5th anniversary of being a bicycle nut! Woo! I bought my first somewhat decent bicycle in March of 2007. I guess I'm getting overconfident, too, because I went on a 12 mile bike ride this weekend, tossed my patch kit into my bike bag, and didn't bother bringing a spare tube. IT'S ONLY A LITTLE 12 MILER, I MEAN, WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF SOMETHING GOING WRONG? So then I got a flat at mile number 5 or so. And I was all out of rubber cement / vulcanizing fluid in the patch kit I brought. Yeah, I ended up calling the wifey. First time I've ever had to call someone to come get me due to bike-related problems. And all because I'm a dinglesnarf and came unprepared. Sigh. Ah, well, I've learned my lesson. Thanks, Emily Anne, for coming to get my silly butt.

Scout Mountain Cycle Camp

2012-05-19 - cycling

Scout Mountain Cycle Camp Leslie Larsen - Cycle Camp — with Travis Poppe and 4 others. Dan Lloyd - Dead. — with Travis Poppe and 2 others at Cycle Camp at Scout Mtn.

Yesterday was awesome!

2012-03-11 - cycling

Yesterday was awesome Dan Lloyd - Yesterday was awesome! — with Travis Poppe and Korey Pelton. Korey Pelton - Nothing refreshes you quite like 25 miles of riding, eating Mexican food, riding another 25 miles, and then drinking a lot of beer.

Snapped the front fender of my mountain bike

2011-11-01 - cycling

Snapped the front fender of my mountain bike in half while trail riding last weekend (probably a stick or something). So I'm moving the MTB fenders that are on my touring bike over to the MTB and putting these shiny new ones on the touring bike. Only $34.99 with free shipping! I just bought: 'Planet Bike Black Hybrid/Touring Hardcore Fenders (45 mm Wide)' by Planet Bike.

Front wheel dancing the cha-cha

2010-12-02 - cycling

After 3 days of taking the bus, the pavement is now visible! Cycled to work today. Those globs of chocolate mousse are frightful, but in a fun/challenging way (lots of it on the residential streets). Gotta get back to being used to the feeling of my front wheel dancing the cha-cha a little. :-)

First snow cycle commute

2010-11-22 - cycling

Ah, the first snow cycle commute to work. Twas nice. Snow cycling is purposely slow and careful, so it's kind of relaxing; it's nice watching the flakes fall around you and it is mostly silent since your tires (and everyone else's tires) are padded by snow. Things will get more interesting after more snow and ice is on the road. :-D

Long, scary mountain bike ride with Dan Lloyd

2010-10-18 - cycling

Went on a long, scary mountain bike ride with Dan Lloyd yesterday. 37 miles of rocky, god-forsaken trails (up West Fork Mink Creek and down Gibson Jack). I was peddling like 5 mph on the last mile cycling home. And today I feel so good and refreshed. I highly recommend getting your butt kicked on a bike. It's therapeutic!

I don't think Korey Pelton will ever go mountain biking with me again

2010-10-17 - cycling

Dan Lloyd: hehe.. I don't think Korey Pelton will ever go mountain biking with me again... got 37+ miles of riding in today though.

Ryan Van Duzer is my hero

2010-09-21 - cycling

Ryan Van Duzer is my hero. :-p He's the same guy who rode across the US on a 3-speed cruiser, towing a trailer, to raise money for non-profit bike shops. Here he is cycling from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas (south end of Baja peninsula). Wow, I totally want to do that some day. :-)

Jesus Yong bought my Motobecane 300HT

2010-08-05 - cycling

Jesús Edilberto Yong Luján wrote on your timeline. HEY KOREY, BUYING YOUR BIKE WAS A GOOD DEAL. NICE BIKE

Selling my Dawes Lightning Sport

2010-07-29 - cycling

Bicycle for sale. Fits people 6 feet and over. Read the ad for more info! Yes, yes... I know... it's my beer bicycle that is also my profile pic. *sniffle* I'll miss it. http://eastidaho.craigslist.org/bik/1862329718.html

18.5 min 10k time trial

2010-05-08 - cycling

Just got back from attempting the 10 km time trial I did 2 years ago in 20 min. I did it in 18 1/2 min! Whee! I am sooo pooped. Right now I'm working again gaining back all those precious lost calories via beer! :-D *chug* *chug* http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/id/pocatello/458127335203284963

My friend is on the front page of this site

2010-04-15 - cycling

I wrote a humorous bicycle commuting article, and scribbled on my friends' photo for the article. It was a big hit and now my friend is on the front page of this site: http://pokybiketowork.org/ Tee hee! ;-)

Cycling to work on the snowy backroads

2010-02-11 - cycling

Cycling to work on the snowy backroads is so peaceful. Studded tires on snow doesn't make a sound, and I get to concentrate on careful, slow cycling instead of doing my usual time trial to work.

Cycling in -5 F

2010-01-08 - cycling

Rode the bus for the second day in a row. Cycling in -5 F just doesn't have the appeal that it used to. :-p

REI is doing a bicycle commuting campaign

2009-12-20 - cycling

Ah, REI is doing a bicycle commuting campaign. Its good to see. http://www.rei.com/bikeyourdrive

Korey rode his non-studded touring bike today

2009-12-18 - cycling

Korey rode his non-studded touring bike today since the ice and snow has melted off the roads. Felt like I was cycling at light speed!

I believe I am over my fear of cycling on snow

2009-12-14 - cycling

After this weekend's adventures, I believe I am over my fear of cycling on snow :-D

Parade Update from Connie

2009-11-18 - cycling

Parade Update from Connie Bike to Work has sent in the registration form for the November 27, 2009 Parade of Lights. All riders are welcome - forward this email. Line up: 1st Avenue between the Benton Street bridge and Center Street. Judging begins at 5:30 p.m. and the parade moves at 6:30 p.m. Look for the Silver RideLink Van Pool Van (pictured below). All entrants must be illuminated. Lowes has some battery powered lights (get them early) and the cost is between $1.97 and $5.98. They are hanging on the posts in the Christmas lights section. The Bannock Planning Organization office will be open (address below) at 3:30 p.m. if anyone wants to bring their bike to the office to put the lights on or just wait there and keep warm. The building is located on the corner of 1st and Center right next to the underpass. For more information on the parade you can visit the Old Town Pocatello website at www.oldtownpocatello.com

Parade of Lights

2009-11-16 - cycling

The parade is the day AFTER Thanksgiving, Friday the 27th. Event: Bike to Work - Ride in the Parade of Lights Start Time: Thursday, November 27 at 6:30pm End Time: Thursday, November 27 at 9:30pm Where: Old Town Pocatello - contact connie@bplan.org BE SURE TO EMAIL connie@bplan.org IF YOU ARE GOING TO RIDE IN THE PARADE! SEE YOU THERE!


2009-11-16 - cycling

Nashbar.com is cheap and dependable. They just take half a month to get you your stuff. :-(

Dan Lloyd's Motobecane Fantom 29PRO

2009-10-25 - cycling

Dan Lloyd posted a link to your timeline. I play my cards right, I'm going to be getting the Motobecane Fantom 29PRO.. SOON. I've attached an example :)

Mercier Galaxy Steel

2009-10-23 - cycling

AARGH! I paid $495 for this bike back in 2007: http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/mercier/galaxy.htm I guess they're trying to push this model out of inventory. Most road racing cyclists are into aluminum and carbon fiber frames, so this Reynolds Steel model probably isn't all that popular. It is marketed as a touring bike, but the only thing tourish about it is the triple chainrings and the rack on the back. The frame has no room for fenders, which is a must for a touring bike, and the wheels/tires max out at about 26 mm. Anywho, it's on sale for $395 if you're looking for a road bike with a comfy steel frame! In fact, late fall is a great time for bike shopping since sellers are trying to push out old inventory. Go buy a bike!

Tour de France Challenge

2009-07-02 - cycling

I read the FAQ (http://www.mapmyride.com/tdf/faq) again. Looks like you are eligible to receive the daily sweepstakes prizes even if you enter your ride data manually, without a GPS device. From the FAQ: "Challenge results will include what your time would have been had you ridden that Stage of the 2009 Tour de France, and how you did against all of the other VIRTUAL race participants." Wow, awesome. I'm going to do it just for that feature. ;-)

Team Wonderbike

2009-05-14 - cycling

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