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Mercier Galaxy Steel

2009-10-23 - Category: cycling

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AARGH! I paid $495 for this bike back in 2007: http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/mercier/galaxy.htm I guess they're trying to push this model out of inventory. Most road racing cyclists are into aluminum and carbon fiber frames, so this Reynolds Steel model probably isn't all that popular. It is marketed as a touring bike, but the only thing tourish about it is the triple chainrings and the rack on the back. The frame has no room for fenders, which is a must for a touring bike, and the wheels/tires max out at about 26 mm. Anywho, it's on sale for $395 if you're looking for a road bike with a comfy steel frame! In fact, late fall is a great time for bike shopping since sellers are trying to push out old inventory. Go buy a bike!
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