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I've been scrawling all over the World Wide Web for over a decade now. And I've used quite a few blogging and content management systems. And I finally decided to write my own because there was just one or more aspects of existing systems that didn't quite fit my needs. Here is my critique of a couple of these kinds of systems.

CMSs Are Overkill

WordPress and other content management systems are great if you're wanting to compose lengthy articles with gorgeous photos, and it's what I use for my cycling blog. It's a rather large and complex software system that requires frequent security updates, most likely because it's just so big. Lots of room for hidden bugs. To this day I still believe there is something inherently wrong with writing web sites that are actually a series of programs that must run every single time someone clicks something. Seriously, is having the convenience of a header, footer, and dynamic content really worth all that? Ok, sometimes it is, but many times it is not. There is another way.

My Social Network Ate My Article

Facebook and other social web sites are great for reaching a targeted audience, but you have limited control over the appearance of your articles, which ones float to the top, which ones get lost in the mayhem, and so forth. Social networks do have nice features such as great commenting and interactive features, however you can always post an article you've composed to the social networks after you have posted it elsewhere. This gives centralization and permanency to your content.

Gimme The Basics

And here are some of the things I did want for a simple, jot-some-crap-down blog:

There is only one downside to this this method: whenever you make a change to layout or add an article or anything, you must re-run the site creation script which regenerates the whole site. Which means you must then upload all the files to your web site (or just the ones that changed). But, really, it only takes me about a minute to tar it up, upload it, untar it, and overwrite the old site. Not a big deal. I willingly sacrifice a bit of developer convenience in the interest of producing a better, simpler experience for my readers. :-)

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