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5th anniversary of being a bicycle nut

2012-06-18 - Category: cycling

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I recently passed my 5th anniversary of being a bicycle nut! Woo! I bought my first somewhat decent bicycle in March of 2007. I guess I'm getting overconfident, too, because I went on a 12 mile bike ride this weekend, tossed my patch kit into my bike bag, and didn't bother bringing a spare tube. IT'S ONLY A LITTLE 12 MILER, I MEAN, WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF SOMETHING GOING WRONG? So then I got a flat at mile number 5 or so. And I was all out of rubber cement / vulcanizing fluid in the patch kit I brought. Yeah, I ended up calling the wifey. First time I've ever had to call someone to come get me due to bike-related problems. And all because I'm a dinglesnarf and came unprepared. Sigh. Ah, well, I've learned my lesson. Thanks, Emily Anne, for coming to get my silly butt.
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