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The meal of champions

2014-01-25 - food

pork, vodka, and a donut The meal of champions.


2014-01-21 - food

I'm a WinCo fan too, Amy. I save tons of money every month by buying all my food at WinCo and cooking at home. Meet the Low-Key, Low-Cost Grocery Chain Being Called 'Walmart's Worst Nightmare' - http://business.time.com/2013/08/07/meet-the-low-key-low-cost-grocery-chain-being-called-wal-marts-worst-nightmare/

10 lb bone-in pork

2013-12-14 - food

So I'm roasting a 10 lb bone-in pork in my turkey roaster. I'm following the 20 minutes per pound at 350 F rule. So after 3.5 hours, I cut into it and it's pink and bloody in the middle. So I've cut it up a bit and I'll check it again after another hour. *yawn* It's getting late but I'm not sure what else to do. </ culinary art problems >

Haggis and Heinz Beans

2013-11-28 - food

Haggis and Heinz Beans Only the finest imported products from the U.K. at The Kilted Viking. Buy some of these precious stocking stuffers this season! I haven't tried the haggis yet. Wish me luck. And now we'll hear from our resident U.K. expert, Jay. What say you?

Yellow banana peppers out of the garden

2013-07-07 - food

Ok, just picked the first 3 ripe yellow banana peppers out of the garden and took a few bites. Yeah, no significant heat. I read that if you pick them while they're green, then they are hotter. Maybe I'll give that a try. They make a great loaded hot dog with onions and relish, though! That was lunch.

New WinCo store

2013-04-03 - food

So far, the new WinCo store seems like a food shopper's paradise. Lots of variety and really, really low prices. I just got done eating some of their $3.50 sushi for breakfast. Wasn't the best sushi I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst. I think the worst sushi I've ever had came from Albertson's. Anyway, word of warning: their green-food-colored packet of horseradish is *nuclear*. Just got back from blowing my nose. :-s

Sophia loves Swai

2012-11-05 - food

My daughter Sophia is kind of odd for an Idahoan. I give her a plate of ham and potatoes and she doesn't want any. Then I finish baking some Swai (Mekong Catfish / Shark Catfish from Southeast Asia) and she loves it. She's a huge white fish fan I guess... she's always talking about tilapia. Ah, well, at least she'll eat *something*.

Bean and bacon soup from scratch

2012-08-12 - food

And now my attempt at bean and bacon soup from scratch. I substituted the liquid smoke with a big squirt of some expired BBQ sauce! Tastes fine. We shall see what Emily has to say about this when she tries it. EHE! Stay tuned for her opinion as a comment on this post. She's going to be home soon. OHNOES!

Horrifying culinary mistake I'm eating for lunch today

2010-03-24 - food

This horrifying culinary mistake I'm eating for lunch today reminds me of some Indian vegetarian dishes I've seen. When I think of it that way, it tastes better. :-)

Sakura all you can eat food tasting

2009-09-17 - food

(repost from Emily) Sakura, the Japanese store, is having an all you can eat food tasting this Saturday! It's from 4-6 p.m. and is $7.50 a person. They are located at 610 N Arthur and you can contact them for more info at 233-4400. Hope to see some of you there!

Sakura Japanese Grocery Store and Tea House

2009-09-12 - food

Ate a great lunch of Japanese food from the new Japanese store in town! Go check it out! Very cool place to visit. Sakura Japanese Grocery Store and Tea House Tues. - Sat., 11 am - 7 pm 610 N. Arthur, Pocatello, ID 233-4400
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