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Slow Wall Street recovery

2010-05-13 - finance

Dear god, people, calm down. It's a slow recovery, but it's getting there. From the Wall Street Journal today, "People are scared," he said. "We just had somebody come in and liquidate their whole account. All that individual said was, 'I can't take it anymore.' They're just paranoid and you can't blame them." Lol!

Screwing up the dang recovery

2010-03-26 - finance

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stocks flattened Friday as reports of a South Korean naval ship attack surfaced and some investors appeared to be taking profits. Gosh dang it people, would you stop doing things that are screwing up the dang recovery?!?!

The health reform thing

2010-03-22 - finance

I really thought the health reform thing would make the stock market fall, because of all the frightening things people were saying about it; but it rose. I guess investors have confidance that it was a Good Thing[TM]. http://www.google.com/finance?q=INDEXDJX:.DJI

Dow hovering at 10,000

2010-02-10 - finance

Wishes the Dow would stop hovering around 10,000.

Don't use esmarttax.com

2010-02-02 - finance

Don't use esmarttax.com for doing your taxes this year. That's the one I chose this year. They really aren't much cheaper than any other online tax service. They're system was less user friendly than others I have used and they haven't yet completed programming some forms such as Schedule EIC and Form 40V. And there's some weird characters in my 1040, which they're working on.
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