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Crossing the work/home barrier

2012-08-21 - beer

Ever had a headache and feel all disgruntled after you've come home from work? It happens due to crossing the work/home barrier, I'm convinced. Do you know what the remedy is? I shall tell you. Beer. Works every time.

PVB brew is heathier than store-bought beer

2011-08-05 - beer

Drank a pitcher of beer at Portneuf Valley Brewing yesterday evening after a 30 mile bike ride with Travis Poppe and Dan Lloyd. I don't feel hungover today. This continues my theory that PVB brew is *heathier* than store-bought beer.

Sun Valley Brewing's White Cloud Ale

2010-09-17 - beer

Just tried Sun Valley Brewing's White Cloud Ale. Smells like orange juice and the taste is ... not like beer. Egad, this must be a hefeweizen. Meh. *gulp*

Boddington's Pub Ale and Carlsberg Elephant

2009-09-07 - beer

Tried 2 new beers while in Roanoke: Boddington's Pub Ale and Carlsberg Elephant (imported from Denmark). The ale was very good: crisp, flavorful and not too sweet. And the Carlsberg brew was sweet with a bitter finish! This is the one and only reason I like coming to Roanoke... they've got a great beer selection at Kroger's. :-)
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