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Windows administrator privileges

2012-12-17 - Category: computing

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I know, I've been bitching about software on FB all day. But I have another one. You know how on a lot of the mainstream Linux distributions, when you log into the X Window System as root, there's a bunch of red, flashing lights of some sort that say "you're logged in as root! be extremely careful!" or "gee, you should create a regular user account and use that instead for security purposes!" So, why doesn't the Windows operating system do this when you log in with administrator privileges? I'm getting tired of fixing people's Windows boxes who've been solely using an administrator account since they first fired up their brand new PC. Maybe the Internet wouldn't be the virus ridden mess that it is today if Microsoft had included this one, basic installation step: create a standard user account so you don't hose your system after 5 seconds of connecting to the net.
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